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The catalogue of intellectual property rights is broad. It includes, among others: patents, utility model registration rights, design registration rights, trademark protection rights, copyrights, database rights, know-how, etc.

Are you wondering how to protect your idea?

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We have many years of experience cooperating with entrepreneurs!

Ssole proprietorships, civil law partnerships and commercial law companies. For years, we have been coworking with Creators, Authors and Innovators. We have assisted in developing and implementing strategies for optimal protection of intellectual property rights. We advise our Clients on how to protect their intellectual capital and industrial property, how to protect themselves against claims of third parties, what actions are possible and what actions are beneficial for the interests of our Partners and Clients. We always strive to solve our clients' problems quickly and effectively. In doing so, we are creative and pragmatic.

We advise in matters of intellectual property to beginners who are already at the stage of hatching an idea for an invention, product or service.

Drawing on many years of rich experience, we develop a strategy, indicate possible actions and warn against potential threats.

  1. We assist in deciding to start cooperation with investors and work out its principles.
  2. We suggest how to transform an idea, concept or project into an intellectual property right and how to introduce a product or service to the market.
  3. We explain the difference between transferring rights and granting a licence and the consequences of granting an exclusive and non-exclusive licence. We tell you how long you can protect your intellectual property and how to extend this period.
  4. We show you the optimal ways to protect your intellectual property. We tell you how to use and defend your rights.

We have also experience in cooperation with different national, international and global companies.

Some look for ways to protect the intellectual capital developed over the years, others develop standards for managing intellectual property, and some struggle with disputes and seek ways to minimise the risk of legal liability.

On behalf of our clients:

  • we prepare analyses, opinions, and strategies
  • We prepare model contracts and regulations
  • We analyse registers of protection and registration rights
  • We prepare recommendations for the forms of intellectual property protection and the area in which it is worth obtaining exclusive rights
  • We monitor applications made by other market players to ensure full and effective protection of our Clients intellectual property

For many years we have also appeared in court disputes:

  • on infringement of intellectual property rights
  • in civil and commercial cases before district courts
  • courts of appeal and the Supreme Court and proceedings before the Polish Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and administrative courts

We also encourage you to read the information available on our website about intellectual property rights and ways to protect them: